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Sara Lorentsen Skin Expert


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Strong and healthy skin without 17 skin care steps

- vores innovative løsninger giver dig resultater med færre trin i din hudplejerutine!

Your personal trainer

In your facial treatments at Sara Lorentsen Skin Expert, I will be your personal trainer for your skin.

During each treatment, a wide range of different uplifting and firming electrical impulses are used, which strengthen both your cells, tissues and not least your facial muscles.

Intensity and strength, like your training sessions, will increase as the skin improves.

Minimalist routine

Do you find that it can be overwhelming how many products are shown and told about to get youthful and healthy skin?

I can easily understand that and that is also why I have created a 5 step program where you will not be presented with more than 5 steps which will suit you and your needs exactly.

Spa experience

Although highly active and innovative treatment methods are used in each and every facial treatment, the spa experience does not disappear!

All the senses are affected.
The warmth of the mattress, the airy duvet embracing you, soothing and refreshing scents, heat and cold therapy, in-depth massage from start to finish - are some of the details that are worked into your treatment.

Before after

The result is from one arranged Rejuvante Infusion 75 min , with a focus on uplifting and renewed vitality!