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Article: OBSIDO® Rejuvenate Infusion 75 min

OBSIDO® Rejuvenate Infusion 75 min

OBSIDO® Rejuvenate Infusion 75 min

This 2-1 treatment gives the skin the ultimate lift and firmness in just 75 minutes.

Before and after photos are always taken during this treatment, as visible changes and improvements will always be seen. The skin will feel tightened, refreshed and smoothed.

The treatment includes OBSIDO SKIN Velvet Cups, Mini Gua Sha, SilverFiber Decollete Mask + Gloves

For those who want

  • Visible reduction of wrinkles and deep furrows
  • A lifted and tightened skin
  • Reduction of dark circles and bags around the eyes
  • A skin with radiant glow and vitality
  • Reduction of sun damage, scars and grey/sad skin tone
  • Ideal as a first treatment at Sara Lorentsen Skin Expert

Price: NOK 1365 (incl. 20 min extra time for guidance and changing)

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