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Yin Yoga

"Instead of asking: Have I worked hard enough to deserve rest, I have rather started asking myself: Have I rested enough to be able to do my most loving and meaningful work?"

Yoga is a beautiful way to connect with yourself and find a state of well-being and peace where you can connect to your core and come home to yourself while feeling what is important to you. This is what we practice at these yoga classes.

Yin yoga is a softer form of yoga where we focus on relaxing, creating balance, reducing stress and recharging. In yin yoga, we activate the parasympathetic nervous system - our 'rest and restore' source - and rest with our consciousness in each position for 3-5 minutes.

Instead of activating our muscles, yin yoga aims to relax them as much as possible so that our joints, ligaments and connective tissue can be nourished and increase its flexibility. This happens when we work with gravity and the connective tissue in the positions attracts more fluid, while we give the body an opportunity to let go of accumulated waste substances in the body.

These sessions are a time for you to let go of all your 'to do lists', demands, obligations and whatever else may be cluttering and pressing, and instead rest and land deep within yourself. In yin yoga, we allow ourselves to soften and just be in the moment, with what is.

Yoga is for everyone and it's not about how you look or how advanced positions you can do. It's about our state of mind. This ancient discipline from India focuses on the spiritual, mental and physical levels. The practice has endless benefits such as the improvement of health, well-being and our general state of mind, the release of blockages, healing of body, mind and soul.

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To you, there

  • Wants to come into balance with himself
  • Would like to nourish his body better
  • Would like to live a long, rich and healthy life.
  • Is stressed
  • Feeling tense
  • Needs peace
  • Struggling with long-term illness
  • Would like to get to know you better
  • Want greater flexibility in body, head and heart.

75 minutes

Price: DKK 140

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Yin yoga med Mai Copsøe

Hvem vil få glæde af Yin Yoga?

  • Stresset sind og/eller krop
  • Usund/træt krop
  • Dårlig kropsholdning
  • Manglende mobilitiet 
  • Har et udfordrende forhold til sin krop
  • Har tendens til at være hård ved dig selv
  • Gerne vil kontrollere alt
  • Ønsker et balanceret liv
  • Søger harmoni i kroppen
  • Ideel for mænd og kvinder i alle aldre


  • Genskab kontakt til din krop og til dig
  • Bedre mobilitet
  • Mere indre ro
  • Bedre indsigt i kroppens behov og hvordan du nærer den
  • Reducerede stress niveauer
  • Sundere krop
  • Bedre fordøjelse
  • Harmonisk forhold til kroppen
  • Optimering af søvn


Efter sessionen handler det om at praktisere dine nye redskaber og anvende din nye viden. Effekten af sessionen afhænger naturligvis af, hvorvidt du gør brug af din nye bevidsthed og øver dig på at kommunikere på en ny måde.

Bliv ved med at praktisere dine nye vaner - og ræk ud, hvis du har brug for mere support til implementering.

Testimonials from previous clients

"I attended a yin yoga and cacao ceremony with Mai and it was a very special night. I went into it not knowing anything about what I was going through. But wow what a night

There was so much presence, so much power and a presence beyond all expectations.

I had a hard time feeling what I was supposed to feel for, but ended up in a hunted state where I really got to tear up some hidden memories. And it felt so special and violent - but also as if a small part of me became more free. I can't wait to have more experiences."

- Sabina

" The yin yoga session I had with Mai still sits deeply and lovingly in me after several days. In Mai's sessions, it clearly shines through that she is a particularly fine person who manages to create a safe space where you feel comfortable with opening up, letting go and receiving.

The spiritual and the healing are not foreign to me, we practiced it for several generations in my family. I would love to come again another time."

- Trine

"In Mai's yin yoga, a calm, beautiful and cozy space has been created, which immediately sets the mood as soon as you enter. Her knowledge, narration and guidance in relation to the evening's theme are very rewarding. I look forward to participating again. "

- Karen

"I took part in Mai's beautiful cacao ceremony, which was a first for me, and it was both with curiosity and a little butterflies in my stomach that I looked forward to the event. The experience was very unique and touching. Mai guided us through it in the finest way. And the yoga hit the spot for me. Tears rolled down my cheeks at the end, and I have since felt that it has calmed my body. Thank you for the experience! ❤️"

- Louise

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